Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Primeval Fanfic

This is the Primeval Fanfic Page. Here you can see the upcoming fanfictions from Primeval Anomalies:

Anomaly in the Shopping District

After a huge Dinosaur called a Diplodocus comes through an anomaly in the centre of one of London's central shopping districts, the anomaly busting team are called in. Nick Cutter, Stephen Hart, Abby Maitland, Connor Temple, Claudia Brown and Captain Ryan attempt to force the Dinosaur back through the anomaly, but the path is soon blocked by a feisty Stegosaurus, who will not be shoved easily...

The House was just New

A Lord from the Georgian times steps through an anomaly to find his house in ruins...

If anyone would like to write a Primeval Fanfic for Primeval Anomalies, you would be most welcome and I would be very grateful.


  1. The House Was Just New should be called The House That Jack Built!!!!

  2. Are you still doing the fanfic?

  3. are you going to write the fics? the first one sounds great!